Little Boxes>

“Little Boxes” is a Kinect driven projection mapping (video mapping) art installation where tiny people projected onto wooden boxes are terrified of your presence. Even though they are all individuals who can move around on their own, they behave with a united mindset, always following the crowd. An added element is the interaction between the artwork and the viewer. When someone approaches the little boxes, the projected people stare up timidly; as the viewer walks past, the people start screaming and running away, deathly afraid of anything outside their comfort zone. The interactive narrative has five different “responses” that the mini crowds could have towards the giant spectator. These include hanging out when no one’s around, moving into a “fear area” when someone comes close, starting to run, hiding from a new “attack”, and escaping in groups.


Project by Bego Santiago
Code: Pavel Karafiát, Andrej Boleslavský 
technical setup: Pavel Karafiát
Actors: Esther Gibanel, Javier Yunta, Diego Piñeiro, Berta Sola Sánchez,
Rubén López, Miguel Angel Alvarez, Guille Chipironet, Mathieu Fumey,
Mireia Sovi, Miguel, Valquire Veljkovic, Lilith Sanfrancisco,
Lola Sanfrancisco, Alexander Weber
Camera: Valquire Veljkovic
Commisioned by: NORMAL, Universidade da Coruña (UDC)

selected exhibitions:
Elas Fan Tech at Normal, A Coruña, 2013
Insanitus festival, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2013
Patchlab festival, Krakow, Polland, 2014
File festival, Sao Paolo, Brasil, 2015
Adaf festival, Athens, 2016

2019 | Pavel Karafiát