MBPFW 2018

For main entrance of venue we did immersive panoramic setup of 10 screens with total resolution 19200 x 1080 px. Thousand of splines were generated with different kind of noises which ruled density, thickness, curvature and whole motion design of geometry. Generative approach of design and animation enabled creating long sequences of slightly evolving structures in time. Although the animation was made in realtime vvvv engine, images were rendered offline for smooth and stable production setup. The screens were used with ambilight feature filling space with corresponding fluid ambient light.

concept: Jakub Pešek (Lunchmeat studio)
creative agency: Lunchmeat studio
creative, custom code and rendering: Pavel Karafiát
photos: Jakub Červenka
venue: Clam-Gallas Palace Prague
event: Mercedes Prague fashion week 2018

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