Project 850

Project 850 combines computational design and creative coding to design the visual language of the global print campaign for the BMW 8 Series. We wrote custom software to produce visual caustics, light reflections and gradients. The generated content is then projected into space, covering the product and filling the environment with digital lighting.

Art Direction Photography: Igor Panitz
Art Direction Digital Content: Waltz Binaire
Technical Direction Digital: Mickey van Olst
Generative Design: Pavel Karafi├ít
Projector Setup: Proietta
Technical Director Projector: Matteo Pertusio
Post Production: rhein.Art Postproduktion and Stefan Eisele
Production: Peak Productions
Agency: Serviceplan, Christine BehrendtSebastian StabenauAdam KargerJan Grothklags
BMW: Judith HebeleAmelie KlimHeiko Kircher

2019 | Pavel Karafiát